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Features of The Online Document Management

Online Document Management System           Sharing & Collaboration
Search & Profiling                                        Mobility
Security & Reliabilty

Online Document Management System

Completely Hosted Service
The entire service is hosted on our servers. All documents and information is hosted, served and maintained by our 24/7/365 data center and professional staff.

Browser-based File Management & Virtual Office
With our completely web-based subscription service, there is no document management software (dms) to buy, install, upgrade or maintain. Our Online Document Manager can serve as your paperless office and is available through any internet connection and browser, anytime, anywhere.

Familiar User Interface
The Online Document Manager uses a 'file explorer' user interface style to provide familiar and easy-to-use methods of working with webfolders and files.

Web Folders
Similar to folders that you may use on your local computer, web folders are used to organize documents into groups as well as provide a basis for web storage security permissions and other document attributes.

Document Version Control
Any documents uploaded more than once to the same location are not overwritten. Instead, the incumbent document is automatically versioned and can be referenced for future use.

Document Archiving
With the Indoarsip-CD Backup Service, you can be assured that you have a complete, copyright-protected backup of all your online storage.

Thumbnail Browsing
Conveniently explore your image files in thumbnail viewing mode.

Document Sharing & Online Collaboration

Document Sharing
Share webfolders and files with other clients, vendors, employees, or anyone with an email address. You can specify varying levels of permissions, from a view-only to full management access. Easily send an email invitation to announce your invitation to share documents. They will see only those webfolders and documents that you have explicity shared with them.

Guest Users
Allow others to share secure permission-based read-only view access to your files by inviting them to signup for a FREE Guest account.

Folder and Document-centric Forums
Create a discussion, apply notes, or attach links to a specific folder or document with other members of your team. Subscribe to a specific forum and optionally monitor the entries convienently from your regular email.

Team Email
Convienently send email to team members directly from within your internet browser and Indoarsip Web application, including reference links back to a specific folder or document.

Document Alerts
Setup Document Alerts that automatically email a brief notice to interested parties whenever a document in a specific webfolder is either added, edited, or deleted.

Document Check-in/Check-out
Check-out a document to prevent fellow collaborators from uploading over the current version of the document. Check the document back in to return it to it's normal state.

Document Approvals
Collaborators may indicate their approval of a specific version of a document. A complete list of document approvals are conviently listed on the Document Properties page.

Document Change History
A searchable history of document operations is automatically logged whenever a document is viewed, downloaded, uploaded, versioned, copyied, moved, deleted, checked-out, checked-in, approved, etc.

Document Search & Profiling

Auto Full-text Indexing
The full text of a document is automatically indexed when a document is uploaded, which makes searching for keywords and phrases embedded within a document quick and easy.

Associated Meta Data Search
Create your own custom indexes for your documents and folders so they may be searched based on names, descriptions, or keywords.

Document Categories
Create document categories to classify documents in infinite ways for easy search retrieval.


PDA Compatible
Use the Mobile Login to browse your webfolders and documents on your Personal Digital Assistant(PDA).


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