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Head Office
Kompleks Perkantoran Buncit Mas Blok B No.12
Jl. Mampang Prapatan Raya No.108
Jakarta Selatan 12760
Telp. (021) 794-6390
Fax. (021) 794-6392


Monitoring Pemusnahan Lokasi:
A. Karawang
B. Bandung
C. Surabaya
D. Makasar

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Services Overview

Our online document management system allows you to share files and collaborate over the internet with fellow employees, as well as clients and vendors, or anyone else with an email address. Everybody on your team, workgroup or company can access and share documents from any location with an internet browser. The entire service is delivered through your internet browser. Because our solution is completely hosted on our servers,there is no software to buy, download, install, or maintain. From within your browser, you can browse, share, and track your documents. You can search based on document indexing or the full-text within each document. Use the Mobile Login' to browse documents on a Personal Digital Assistant(PDA). Our Online Document Manager is the always-on workplace for your documents.

Easy To Use
Our service is so easy to use, you probably already know how to use it. That's because the web-based user interface is modeled after the familiar file manager that you probably already use to manage folders and files on your local computer. The Auto-Indexing and Auto-Versioning features work behind the scenes to keep your documents at your fingertips.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership
Because there is no software to install or maintain, valuable IT resources are conserved. An easy to use web-based user interface requires little to no training, as well as saving time while in use. Our pricing model saves you money, as the price of our subscription service is based on storage space , while Customers Users with view-only rights, browse and download totally FREE.

Service Highlights
Completely Hosted Services
Available 24/7/365 From any Internet Browser
Customers Users Free
PDA compatible
Banking-level Security

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