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Kompleks Perkantoran Buncit Mas Blok B No.12
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Jakarta Selatan – 12760
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Our Services
Document Imaging

       A professional document imaging company is much sought after today. Today many companies big and small want to convert their old paper files in to electronic files. Scanning can be quite expensive and time consuming. Only a professional document imaging company can provide the best document imaging solutions. Indoarsip is a document imaging company that provides highest quality services and cost effective solutions for a wide range of customers within Indonesia. We provide a total document management solution and professional imaging by high tech scanning of paper documents and images on to a secure electronic file in a hard drive, any storage device or hosted with Indoarsip online document management. Any professional document imaging company must have some of the following features:

• High quality of document conversion
• On time completion and submission capability
• Multiple level of quality control
• Cutting edge technology tools and skilled professionals
• Competitive pricing for volumes

       We at indoarsip convert paper document into electronic files with help of high-quality document scanners using cutting-edge optical character recognizing system (OCR). Once this files are converted into electronic files, they can be easily searched and accessed. These files are cheaper than their original paper documents.

       Indoarsip cost per page is significantly lower than other companies that provides scanning and document imaging. We can convert scanned pages into other format like Text, RTF, and HTML. We provide customers with high-quality scanning in record time and in responsive manner. We strive to give 100% client satisfaction by giving customized services. Indoarsip Imaging’s document conversion services can free resources and increase productivity. With document imaging, paper archives become instant-access digital files, searchable and sortable so that converted documents can be retrieved with just a click.

       An experienced document conversion company, Indoarsip provides world-class document imaging with the latest technology and world –class quality control. Indoarsip’s skilled document imaging professionals ensure the very best conversion processes for preserved digital records and safely returning the original documents.

Document Imaging Capabilities

Indoarsip’s document imaging equipment allows scanning of virtually any type of paper, including:
• Small paper format ( e.g. patient records, invoices, accounting and HR     documents, student records)
•  Checks
•  Black and white, color
•  Document Conversion Format

We can produce digital images in many different formats:
• PDF and PDF/A
• And more

After conversion, each image can be manipulated with the latest document imaging software:
• Image Processing
• Image enhancement
• PDF processing
• Image conversion
• Data Entry & Indexing
• Automatic index capture (e.g. OCR, forms recognition)
• Manual data entry
• Data delivery and import file creation
• Document Image Delivery

Converted documents can be delivered in several different ways:
• CD-ROM/DVD (including searchable database options if you do not have a content    management solution)
• Hard drive
• Document Hosting
     Images are hosted with Indoarsip online Document Management, No hardware,      software or IT management required. Quickly access your documents from a      browser (e.g. Internet Explorer)

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