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Kompleks Perkantoran Buncit Mas Blok B No.12
Jl. Mampang Prapatan Raya No.108
Jakarta Selatan – 12760
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Our Services
Document Destruction

Your Future Depends on Protecting Your Information Through Secure Document Destruction.

Confidential Paper Documents Are Everywhere

It’s unlikely you’d send competitors your customer lists, advertising campaign, new product information or training manuals.

But in this day and age, where paper consumption has steadily increased despite technological and computer advancement, the risk of printed information falling into wrong hands remains a constant threat.

Through our secure document destruction process, Indoarsip empowers your organization, big or small, to protect personal data and the confidential information of your company, your supplier, and your customers. Indoarsip, The Indonesia’s leading destruction company, destroys all kinds of paper documents .We support our customers in their efforts to improve privacy and productivity, while helping them contribute positively to the environment by recycling all shredded paper.

Stored Records should be Destroyed on a regular Schedule

The period of time that business records are stored should be determined by a retention schedule that takes into consideration their useful value to the business and the governing legal requirements No record should be kept longer than this retention period. By destroying records according to a set schedule, a company appropriately limits the amount of materials it must search through to comply with the law.


Our service is No Charge. This is 100% cost need to purchase and maintain equipment, no potential safety hazards and most importantly, no wasted time shredding each month for you and your employees....those minutes each day and hours each week add up. With our service, you’re free to perform the really important work you do.


cabinetWe come to your business. On call services are available. In conjunction with regularly scheduled service arrangements, we install our security cabinet at No Charge within your facility. These are strategically placed throughout your office for easy and convenient use by all employees. There is no need to separate out paperclips, staples, metal clips,or bound materials. Simply place the materials in the cabinet and leave the shredding to us. Paper securely held in a durable nylon bag insert for efficient and secure retrieval. Once loaded, the nylon bags are picked up, transported to our secure facility, and destroyed. When your material leaves our site, it is in the form of 40 Kg bale, like 30,000 jigsaw puzzles all mixed together. The process is entirely hassle-free.


We can destroy up to 1,000.-Kg per hour with our industrial shredder machines, while the average office shredder can only handle 90 Kg per hour.


We help you protect your business and personal information. Our facility securities are:

  • Facility sign-in log for non-employees.
  • Unauthorized access to dedicated area prevented.
  • A viewing area for your representatives to witness the destruction.
  • Material is always attended/placed in secure area.
  • Policies & procedures for drivers & processing employees.
  • Uniforms and picture ID’s required.
  • Monitored alarm system in place & utilized.
  • Closed circuit video for monitoring entrances & employee activity.
  • Security provided to monitor building ingress & egress.
  • 24 hours video surveillance, with videotape library, maintained for 90 days.
  • The shredded paper is cross cut type with the size of 5 – 7.5 X 20 – 80 mm, which are classified under the security level 2 and 3.
  • A Certificate of Destruction, guaranteeing the destruction of your documents.

Not only are all your documents completely destroyed, 100% of the material is recycled and eventually made into other paper products. The next time the material is seen, it may be when you reach for a napkin or paper towel. We not only take security seriously, but as your partner in corporate responsibility, together we are making a positive difference in our nation’s environment. Each time you shred with us you know that you have saved some trees.  

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