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Head Office
Kompleks Perkantoran Buncit Mas Blok B No.12
Jl. Mampang Prapatan Raya No.108
Jakarta Selatan – 12760
Telp. (021) 794-6390
Fax. (021) 794-6392


Monitoring Pemusnahan Lokasi:
A. Karawang
B. Bandung
C. Surabaya
D. Makasar

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Our Services
Paper Document Storage  

As the leader in Records Management in Indonesia, Indoarsip has been serving business community since 1997. Our customers range in size from small independent business to multinational companies. We are a full service records management company providing storage for all business records, computer disk, and tapes. Storing your records off-site will help you reduce your storage expenses, improve the security of your records, and maximize new growth for personnel. But that is not the only reason to store records off-site. Over the last few years, the value of records and information management which make them readily available when needed has come more to the forefront of the reasons for using a records management company.

Indoarsip prides itself on customer service and quick response times to all our customers. From the moment that you walk into our facilities, It is aparent that we take great care and importance in protecting and managing your physical documents and files. Indoarsip state of the art software program ensures that your records are safe, secure, and readily available. We also offer custom reporting for your records information needs. At the end of the retention period that you have arranged with Indoarsip, documents are destroyed by methods complying with your security requirement.


We pride ourselves on our quick and on time delivery. We offer the following delivery options:

Self service :
Customer may visit the Indoarsip warehouse and entitled to a free-of charge workroom facility
Normal Service:
Delivery at the same day if requested before 10.00 am or the following day if requested after 10.00 am

Emergency Service :
Delivery within 3 hours to customer’s location. Special Service :
For delivery after working hours or on holiday                                                        may be served with confirmation.


We can provide many reports to our customers including :
1. Monthly report comprising:
   - Historical data report
   - Report on the boxes being borrowed and not yet returned
   - Report on the boxes just brought in
   - Report on the boxes the retention period of which has expired
2. Quarterly report
3. Special Report; Minutes of destruction, together with the list o f carton boxes      which have been destroyed.

Carton Box

Carton box is sealed before leaving the customer ‘s place.
We have three size of carton box:
- 45 X 26,5 X 31cm (standard)
- 45 X 39 X 31cm (large)
- 17 X 17 X 90cm ( for drawing )

Facility and Security

Our paper document storage facilities are equipped with:
  • Facility sign-in log for non emplyees.
  • Unauthorized access to dedicated area prevented.
  • Policies & procedures for drivers & processing employees
  • Uniforms and picture ID’s required
  • Alarm system and complete fire protection; smoke detector, heat detector, fire extinguisher, sprinkler and hydrant.
  • Closed circuit video for monitoring entrances & employee activity
  • Security guard provided to monitor building ingress & egress.
  • 24 hours video surveillance, with videotape library, maintained for 90 days.
  • Fumigation, pest control and rodent control
  • Controlled access
  • Vehicles are dedicated only to our document storage business.
  • Computerized records management and retrieval


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