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Head Office
Kompleks Perkantoran Buncit Mas Blok B No.12
Jl. Mampang Prapatan Raya No.108
Jakarta Selatan – 12760
Telp. (021) 794-6390
Fax. (021) 794-6392


Monitoring Pemusnahan Lokasi:
A. Karawang
B. Bandung
C. Surabaya
D. Makasar

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Our Services

Digital Media Storage

Indoarsip is dedicated to providing the ultimate protection to your computer and digital media. We have a highly trained staff, as well as extremely secure facilities that are housed in actual vaults. Most importantly we have a long standing commitment to serving our customers and communities.


We live in an electronic age. For most of us this is an exciting time. With the dawn of this new age comes responsibility. In today’s world, maintaining business contuinity is of paramount importance. Your back-up media and other special items require protection from dust, heat, and humidity, as well as safekeeping from fire and water damage, theft or loss. That is why off-site storage should become an integral part of your company’s contuinity program. Our off-site vault is equipped to handle all of your special requirements including daily, weekly or monthly rotation schedules. This facility is ideally suited for computer back up tapes, media tapes, vital business records, film, source code and original documents.


Our competitors are using a vault fabricated from sheetrock which can withstand a fire for about seven minutes, or they are using a concrete vault which can withstand the flame for 30 minutes. However , Indoarsip Vault, constructed with a high temperature-resistant, ceramic insulating fiber, structural steel and mesh, can hold off a fire for four hours. The thermal break between our vault’s double door construction strengthens the heat barrier.

All the digital media are stored in our iron container (L X W X H) 45 X 26,5 X 31 cm and locked with the combination key set by the customers, therefore their secrecy are guaranteed.

Keep your backup computer media with Indoarsip And :

  • You will know exactly where it is and will be able to get it returned to you when     you need it.
  • You will always be able to retrieve your backup media to get your operations going     on.
  • You can rest easy knowing your media is always safe and available.
  • You can count on us to exceed your expectation.

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